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Posted 08 August

Much like 12 Grimmauld Place was concealed from Muggles in suburban London, Samford’s newest business, The Store of Requirement, is very much a hidden gem for Harry Potter aficionados.

The Harry Potter shop Brisbane North-West is tucked away from the inner-city crowds in quaint Samford. From the outset, it’s not the kind of location you’d expect to find such a specialist store, a 40-minute drive from Brisbane CBD, but all it takes is a glance at the thematic timber sign and moody, overgrown pathway and you know you’ve stepped into the pages of J K Rowling’s novels.

The Store of Requirement opened auspiciously on the anniversary of Harry Potter’s birthday, which is when I decided to make the pilgrimage to feed my childhood obsession. The trip to Samford Village was exceptionally pleasant, with the winding roads and picturesque view a welcome change of pace. Despite being a Muggle myself, my keen eyes were quick to spot the sign and the bagged goods swinging from the arms of the customers who had made it their business to be among the first through the door.

I do admit there was a flutter in my stomach as I crossed the threshold of the one and only, brick and mortar Harry Potter shop Brisbane has to offer and was transported to what appeared to be one of Hogwarts’ many common rooms or congregation areas. I didn’t quite know where to look first. Perhaps at the peaked ceiling with the stained glass and hovering candles, the leather Chesterfield lounges or perhaps the Sorting Hat sitting regally on a stool near the counter.

Ultimately, the glass cabinet proudly displaying the handcrafted wooden wands, belonging to the characters from the books, won out. The entire gang was there and I poured over the intricate designs, deciding Luna Lovegood’s was definitely my style. I had attended a Harry Potter exhibition in New York some years earlier and still regretted to this day not buying myself a wand as a souvenir.

The Harry Potter Shop Brisbane North-West offers a Treasure Trove of Magical Goodies

Moving along, I was excited to discover so much memorabilia for sale beyond the run-of-the-mill branded merchandise (although there were plenty of t-shirts, mugs, socks and robes), to satisfy those looking to take home a truly special piece.

Much like Professor Slughorn, I found myself wanting to ‘collect’ these artefacts, from Hermione’s time-turner from the Prisoner of Azkaban to a full-sized Marauder’s Map and the one-of-its-kind Philosopher’s Stone once owned by alchemist Nicolas Flamel. However those more interested in the Dark Arts could also buy themselves some of the trinkets which threatened the likes of Harry in each of the books, including Horcruxes and the terrifying masks of the Death Eaters.

You name it, they had it in stock. I’ve never in my life seen such a concentration of officially licenced Harry Potter memorabilia in one place. For all price ranges, ages, tastes and house preferences (although we all know it’s team Gryffindor forever), this store truly lived up to its name.

And as I was waiting to make my purchase at the counter (which included a Nimbus 2000 for my young son), I looked down to see Dumbledore’s Deluminator and thought to myself this Harry Potter shop Brisbane North-West might be more aptly named The Store of Acquirement.

Long Live Harry Potter!

It might have been 20 years since the first book hit the shelves, but the enthusiasm from the customers I witnessed perusing the wares demonstrated Pottermania is as alive as ever. This store is set to serve a new generation of young witches and wizards eagerly awaiting their envelope addressed to the boy or girl under the stairs announcing their acceptance into the world’s most prestigious school of magic (did I mention you can purchase wall stickers of said envelope too?).

It’s easy to make a morning of this shopping trip, with the famous Flying Nun Café next door providing the perfect place to settle in with your group and discuss your favourite Harry Potter memories. All over a Buttery Beer no less.

About The Store of Requirement

The Harry Potter shop Brisbane North-West is open Wednesday through to Sunday. The magical wonderland is run by the local Brisbane family behind the website Ink Death Books. Prior to opening the Samford store, they sold their extensive range of licensed memorabilia and collectables online through Harry’s Hut, the Harry Potter merchandise section of Ink Death Books.

Author: Alyce Valentine-Berrett

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